Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shall we move on Ladies and Gentlemen?

Psst! They have a racket! An entire freaking racket! All they do the entire week is watch 3 mushy movies where characters cry out in every third minute after the second half ,read 2 mushy chapters from a novel, read 7 posts from each other and voila! I present to thee another rip off about love! I can't help laughing! LOL! Or may be the stuff comes out naturally? :-P
And the pics that are put up! Horrible! But mind you, some great control over language they have and if there's jealousy in this world then it's my face you should see when I read them! But... read on!

 They are each other's followers, they comment on each other's posts and they tag around like crazy! LOL! Some support system there.
Someone writes a real tear jerker and they all rush in for free doses of sympathy and the next day the perpetrator stands up, wipes his tears and says, " I am all right! I am fine! I think "I will live!") and guess what, he acknowledges by writing an even more sobbier stuff and the episode is on a rerun! Sheesh! Dude! Where's your self-esteem! Have you sold it at Palika Bazaar for the price of Lifebuoy Soap? 

And hither lies the epitaph on the poor chum's grave of love where his beloved writeth:-

1. "I understand what you are going through.Almost"
2. I know, I know. I went through the same thing.(Of course!)
3. You almost wrote me out.Yeh to meri kahaani hai re!
4.Some weird philosophy that the writer acknowledges with, " Yes. I understand."
 And the thing goes on for years!Arrrgh!

ROFL!!! :-D

Sigh! Girls, my sweet loving sisters, the confidants of my fantasies, the bearers of my inner self,  my strength to stand against these chauvinists, why do you glorify your misery? Ekta Kapoor isn't our Godmother!  Does love makes someone weak or strong? And about being lonely, it's a choice that you make and if you really love a solitary life then I am not getting this whole publicity thing! But I understand, we all need attention.Even I am a publicity whore at times! I can get down and reach below my sandals for that attention! Can't help it!  ;-) What's wrong with that huh?

Last night I spent an entire hour reading 10 bloggers from a guy's follower's list (Yah! I didn't know even the guys can go so pink with mush!) and OMG! Can there be things so similar! They all write such long posts(some write strategical short ones meant specially for commercial self-promotion because they cramped up with such heavy romanticism that even Cupid would throw up!) that ugh! my eyes! And they all were either about falling out of love or about missing someone or about asking someone to return, or about waiting for someone, or about love being torn apart! What is happening to this country!!! We are humans who discovered the beauty of love for crying out loud! I bet if I read their posts of an year older they would turn out the same! 
" love...the time had stopped!". Move on! Shoo! Let me give you a push! Let's write something else! I wish I could have the ability to express in words as you do, then I would have explored everything beautiful in world and shared it with everyone, and that includes love too!

What's the point of writing so much about being a cry baby!!!Gosh! So lamely vela! And guys, stop this nonsense please! Can you at least write something more matured! I mean come on fellas! You are in a college, reading may be Political Science or Physics or Economics or something that needs brains and all you come out in your free time is this?"Break me,shake me, take me!" ?  And don't tell me that it's your sensitive side! Ghalib had one but not you my Facebook hopping, tweeter friendly, chic friendly friend! And i fyou have one why are you robbing the stores off tissue papers? I need them when I get a cold!

I mean being a girl I do find myself swooning over mush once in a while BUT as I said "ONCE IN A FRIGGIN WHILE!" Guys don't disappoint me! I am going to marry one of you one day so puhleaase! Stop writing such rouged stuff! Leave it to us will ya! And girls, don't overdo the self-pity thingy please! We are supposedly strong, uber-hip, gurls of 21st century! Not this crooning over a particular guy for 99 weeks who didn't deserve you anyway or the nth guy you met in a theater or a bus stop or a coffee shop!  

By the way boys, you are smitten by the "I've got the attention of ladies" thing aren't you?Believe me, we aren't so lame! I understand that you were deeply in love with your sweetheart and she royally ditched you and now you need time to recover but dood, you are taking a really long time to come back!  Reality check-You suffer from Attention Deficiency Syndrome and I would love to give my precious attention to someone who deserves it not asks for it! You're not gonna get this girl alright! And girls, "I like guys who cry their eyes red over my shoulder because crying guys are honest", please tell me I am wrong coz I love being rationally sensitive!
And you don't have one, borrow this from me. I have a full set ! :-)


  1. hahaha!!!

    now that's one critic...but correct me if m wrong...isn't blog a place to pour out ur inner thots without really botherin wat others have to think...atleast my blogs r my let out places.

    and about love...well it is an extremely over hyped emotion but then in the end we all live in some fantasy or another

  2. And these chauvinists want equality, on every front, and when some of the 'not so non-emo' men write mush, these fellas tend to rip them apart.

    And whats up with lifebuoy? is Rupee 12 too cheap, or is Palika Bazaar having a clearance sale of soaps?

    What do you want these people to come out with in leisure time?
    Gone are the days when Newton could sit under a tree and wonder in amazement that an apple actually fell down and did not fly and exclaim, aah 'Gravity actually drowns'

    and for that attention part, someone once wrote:
    What mad Nijinsky wrote
    About Diaghilev,
    Is true of the normal heart;
    For the error bred in the bone,
    Of each woman and each man,
    Craves what it cannot have,
    Not universal love,
    But to be loved alone.
    ‘‘September 1, 1939’’ l. 59 (1939)

  3. @Mayz
    Now that's why I have a loooot of respect for you! Sometimes I wish I could just hear you speak in front of me. Yeah! I loved too, once, in fact many a times I have been intrigued by men and then hurt too. And yes I have cried over it, a lot. But what upsets me is the way people get stuck and cry for sympathy. I don't know, we all have our right to express and ask for love but I find people overdoing it.I always believe that self-pity kills more than the cause itself. Sorry, if any way I've hurt you. I am just a wild kid running crazy with words. Thank you! :-)

    LOL!Nothing more than that! :-D And by the way tell me where self-esteem is on sale for Rs 12. I would fill my safe with loadsa self-esteem! Wouldn't you? Chill BA! We are namesakes! And believe, Newton knew about love. Besides there's a ten billion and thirty five emotions to express than sadness! You either misread me or psst! are you one of them? :-D
    Forgive me if I've hit a spot!I' just have a great aim!Can't help it! :-D

  4. ADS!! I thought I saw some ADS here...

  5. Ya sweety! I get my share of attention by kicking some ass! And I want the whole wide world to follow my Kickass ways rather than Boo Hoo Hoo for it! Thank you anyways!

  6. should I be commenting here again to let you know that I wander into uncharted territories, and also into the domains of emo and non-emo.
    I don't belong anywhere, so yes, I am one of them, and I am not one of them at the same time.

    Rest, the weather here is enough to chill me. :P
    And I ain't namesake, I have a point to make.

  7. an advice- do not "sweety" me, kid...

  8. @BA
    Yah! I forgot! You've been used to chilly weather! :-)

    And you came all the way back to say that? How flattering sire! How flattering! And of course this "kid" can not afford to be put in distress by a curse from a sage! Please, I take back my words! You definitely are not sweet and thank you for your advice. Now as we have made our points clear, to stay or not to stay is your choice!