Saturday, October 23, 2010

The girl you thought you knew

You always knew her. You always knew her as a girl who can't pretend to be pretty and can't either to be good, she turns evil when she wishes to ;who acts brave in front of everyone but when the doors are closed she runs under her fleece blanket and hopes that she remembered to latch the doors tight. She is one of those girls who puts her chair next to the windows and flings them wide open when it rains.
But she never claims to dance in the rain though she knows the one she adores loves girls who do so. But this girl jumps puddles on the sidewalks, splashing the ones that are large and too tempting for her dry feet. And this girl is loved by an idiot like a true idiot but never wants him to confess because she knows that that would break not one but two hearts-his and hers. She can't take the guilt of breaking two hearts. You always knew this girl didn't you?

This girl used to sit on the backseat of a Bajaj scooter, clutch on to her Papa's paunch and fall asleep. This girl loved crayons and drew nothing more than mountains and suns with blue clouds her entire life. This girl never heard a lullaby but slept to her mother's hum when she did the dishes in the kitchen. Her mother still wipes the soiled dining table with her bare hands, she still tucks her saree in between her legs and wrings the wet clothes even after they are spun dry in a drier and she loves watching her do that.This girl who the world thinks, is the hippest chic in the town still sleeps in a T-Shirt and Salwar and snores the walls weak. She still thinks getting a runny nose is worse than a heart break and she uses her mom's torn sarees to cream her nose red when that happens! May be you never knew me to start with. :-)

She knows she isn't the best looking thing in the world but she has beautiful friends who make her feel like Cinderella. How can she not wear a glass sandal for them? Yeah, she is the beauty queen when she is with them! :-) To hell with the boys!
 She loves to be looked at her but not at the price of what she really is. She wants to be known by the name she has earned and not by her hair or legs or waist size!  And she wants to be loved for the girl she is and not for what she sports in her jeans and T-Shirt.

She loves her Sunshine. And Sunshine he is. She came to know of men from him and she learnt that men are not what her heart-broken sisters filled her ears with. In the entire world every woman wants to be loved by a man and she learned why.  :)
She loves to pull his serious ears, she pulls his leg, she wants him  to do all the crazy things he sometimes confesses her about.She knows that he wants to go crazy, he wants to go wild and free but is too wary of her. Idiot! But sometimes she makes him do all the crazy things, yes she does. She made him sing 3 songs in a row in the middle of the night. She knows that he loves her and she uses him to her full advantage! A bitch she is! She loves him after all but as a friend for a life. That's what she ever asks from him and he never disappoints her.

Me and my Sunshine! ;-)

She knows she can't change the world with her words and she doesn't want to either. She doesn't want anyone else to change her world too. She just loves to cuddle up in the arms of the ones she loves and spend the rest of her life dreaming with them. That is all she dreams about. Yah!She spares a minute or two for her Prince Charming! But why should she care so much when he isn't? Some crazy Cinderella she is!


  1. Our homecoming queen
    Was a lot like you and a lot like me
    And she never walked on water
    Cause no one really saw her

    Our homecoming queen
    Had a lot to prove and so many to please
    She's just somebody's daughter
    Just looking for somebody to love her

    your post reminded me of it.

  2. i normally don't read long posts. but i have started readin urs...even thou at times they confuse me but at the same time m glued :)

  3. this is such a sweet post.. yes I think I know this girl :)