Thursday, October 21, 2010

To you

I won't say that I love you but I'll say that I can't be without you. You are inseparable but detached, like my shadow. With you I would go crazy and without you I would go crazier.
When we fight, when you give me hints of what you feel, when we spend weeks in silence, you think that I don't care. And may be I don't. But I know you keep thinking about me, you make me feel like a temptress who has seduced you into this. But as I have told you before that you can leave when you find me slowing you down. But hell! Don't take it seriously will ya? I haven't got any replacements for you! :-)

When are you going to put a chic's pic in that empty space in your wallet? You aren't waiting for me or are you? I won't look good there, believe me! My wiry hair, my dry lips, my walk like a scarecrow brought to life, my eyes swollen with tears of a billion heart breaks, you can't fold all that in your wallet. And I hate leather wallets anyways! So, pick someone and leave just a li'l place next to you. I can't be without you. I can cramp up there, thanx to my zero-waist! Selfish bitch I am!

 Does this mean anything to you? No, stop giving me those looks! They make me guilty! You know I can gouge your eyes out if I want to and to add to my guilt even then you wouldn't say anything! "It's Okay Snehu! You did what you thought was right and I did what I thought was right for me!" I can seriously hate you for all that!
I am a kid yaar! I know I keep hurting you, hit me if you want to!Slap right, slap left and don't touch my ear-rings! You have tolerated my heartbreak stories for so long, and look at your shirt-it smells of my snot! Thank you now! Thanx a lot. The rest were busy with their lives and I got you busy with my sad stories. Were you mad?
 But tell me when I hurt you! No matter how brave and tall I look, I ain't that brave when it comes to saying sorry. So tell me! That would be less painful than when I realize how I leave you every time there's sunshine. You are my sunshine. How many times you have made me smile? There's a difference between making me laugh and making me smile. Smile lingers while a laughter topples me for a moment and then vanishes abruptly. But I have a bad memory you know! 3 years and I wished you birthday after the day passed!(But you have 3 gifts, don't forget them!)  Strange I keep doing it when I know where I am wrong. I am like that! Uh! Don't say that, "It's okay! I like you the way you are!". If you want to stuff me with guilt and make a pie out of me then go ahead! Hmpf!

You are the best thing that happened to me, you are the only thing that I wish should happen to me(besides I getting a hunk! LOL! ) and you are  the last thing that I would share with anyone( besides your girl-friend!)

Thank you!


Friends! You are the cute dog and I am the cute kid! Keep watching over me! :-D


  1. I don't think they have a name for such relationships. Each of the two in it perceive it in their own unique way. Sometimes, there are lots of complications, guilt that accompany such a bond you know. But that's the case with everything else anyway. So let it be as long as you can let it be..then learn to move on..

    And as far as men accusing us of being outspoken is concerned, we need not give a damn! :)

  2. kutte, mujhe akela chhod ke gaya to mein tera khoon pi jaunga



  3. Something out of the box!!!
    Nice.... :)

    You have a good blog!
    Keep happy blogging :)