Sunday, August 29, 2010


Argh! What is wrong with all these bloggers??? Why can't anyone write something good about love? Ugh!I just hope these people don't decide to go for anti-depressant pills or people who really need would end up going crazy! Love isn't a gate to hell of suffering,longing,crying, chest-beating,drinking,smoking,cursing, singing pathetically depressing Operas and just "dreaming" romance! And when I tell this to a fellow blogger, she says, "Shut up! This is what I experienced!!!" You loved someone and you remember just this part? How he left you or why he can't be yours or why you guys can't be together? So shall I take it that all of you were pulled into a theater and shown this really long movie called "LOVE" and you were really pissed off about the movie and then decided to review it such horrifying language that people like me who still haven't fallen in love would be scared shit to do so! Believe me, the stuffs that you guys write I don't think even half of it is real! If all that were true then you have spent a good part of your life sulking and wetting pillows! Gosh! Did I give you one more topic to regret and sulk!
I have read so many of your posts and all of you write the same way! So love has committed a mass-murder? What is it? Some Chinese Whisper without the whisper? I am getting serious doubts about love now! Is it really worth it? May be yes! If it can cause a mass-hysteria of such scale then it's worth a try!
But for once can anyone write how beautiful love can be? Write about yout Papa-mama's love then! Ugh! Love and victimization!
PS: Sorry guys. I am just someone who is trying to figure out life and it's complications. I truly believe that you guys are great and lucky that you write so beautifully. Bloggers like Raaji, wildflower(wrote your name with a 'w' :-) ), Mayz are so good that after reading them I start questioning my own beliefs. And reading so much bad about love just gave me an upset tummy! And so I puked. If so much and so "not good" goes inside then it surely would give serious "burp" issues. Sorry if it stinks!  :(
You guys taught me to write honestly and I wrote what I felt I should!  SORRY! I sorta worship you all! Forgive me! I am just a toddler! :(


  1. I actually share your views to a certain extent.
    Its a sad-sad blogging scene these days, many write about break ups and sad stories, but many write beautiful love stories, others just a small part of their love story that was so memorable and close to the heart.
    It was one of the reason I tried to write only stories with happy endings when I started fiction writing a few days back.
    But it should not be the sadness but the content and expression that you should see. The depth of love and the passion in the words.

    A writer who sticks to only one genre would be bottle necked and someday you too would write a tragedy. Now the question is, how long would it take and how much tragic would it be.

    Thanks for dropping by, and everyone was once a toddler, our thoughts were most innocent then, so why would anyone mind?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. so true.. i too had this feelings once... sometimes it makes me scared... i never wanted to go thru this phase n my life...
    bottomline. u said it.. i dint.

  3. @BA
    Hey! Namesake! Blasphemy!But I am not talking about stories ya! Why everyone's trying so hard to tell,"I am writing only about the things that sucked in my life and every post that has snot and tears is tragically true but yes, I can write happy too but sadly they are fictions!"

    Then say it! Time bhaag nahin gayee! :)