Friday, August 20, 2010

First scribble!

Gawd! I don't know if should be here! But hell ya! I already am feeling good about this! Now first of all I am not that much of a writer but still I am gonna give my very first post my very best shot!
Ok, so I am an aspiring journalist and hold the wish to turn this whole world upside down with my Reynolds! But then it isn't that easy. Everyday I wake up with a dream of being everything that my pocket diary hides in its pages. The small diary inside my jute jhola keeps reminding me about my dreams, the big dreams of a small town girl. But what are my dreams? They are not just some cosmetic parades of some high flying wishes. No, I never dream of sitting on a plush chair with an editing desk in front of it and surrounded by glitzy decors of a cabin with polished wooden walls. But I do dream of walking out tired from my office, which still is a bit hazy (I haven't even chosen the wallpapers of my office! ;-) ), take a cab to the necklace road and spend rest of the evening watching the sun disappear behind the concrete jungle. And my dream finishes there, right there, with the setting of the sun I am jolted back to reality, to my single room that I share with my roommate and all I have got in the name of sun are the rays pouring in through the half open ventilators! Sigh!
 I still haven't figured out my plans about life. Still haven't figured out how my prince charming would look. And still haven't figured out the stories that I would be writing here. But that should be left to life isn't it? Who knows, may be someday, in some godly hour, I will figure out all of it!

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