Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To the one I miss.

For some reason you have fallen silent, for some reason you have become wordless. For some reason you have left me to the narcissistic ranting of "I", "my love", "my pain", "my joy" around me, for some reason you are on your own. Silence has become have become the silence.But you wouldn't tell me why. Why would you tell a stranger?  
There are no nostalgic moments that once arrived as mystics and raptured me with their recitals, no more breeze that moved like a widow's walk, no kindred spirits over the rocklines, no love, no longing, no sorrow that pricked the me who lives underneath me. You have fallen silent now...wordless.
Why, did love fail you? Did someone fail you? Or was it the other way around in both the cases? But you wouldn't tell me. May be you have become the tenant of vacuum bubbles. May be you have found your space on those billboards where you used to lose you adventurous eyes. And now you are wordless.

Can't say when will you return but I will be waiting. Can't say if you ever will return but I will be waiting. See, there's no attachment between us, there's not even the chance of a spittle-thread that we are related but somehow your words bite into my skin and nibble away my sweet flesh.

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